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Spanish is the official language in 21 countries. Be one of the millions of people who enjoy the cultural offers and business opportunities in the Spanish-spoken world. 

Learn with a native speaker 

I was born in Costa Rica and raised in a family of teachers in Colombia.  Since the early days, I noticed my connection to people from different cultures and my love for foreign languages. I went on to study International Relations and Political Science far away from home, in the USA. After I finished the university, I moved to Costa Rica where I started working in logistics and trade. 


Working in international trade, I discovered the importance of language skills in the globalized world.  Doing business in your counterpart´s native language opens up the doors to a successful partnership.


Years later, I went to Belgium where I worked in European Affairs.  In such an environment, it was once more proven that languages are a valuable asset to understanding our surroundings.  

Yet I had one long-time goal to achieve: moving to Germany and learning its language. Why Germany of all countries, you may wonder? Since my childhood, I’ve held a strong interest with German history, culture and football. So I left my Belgian life and decided to move to Berlin with my family. 


Raising children in a multi-lingual environment helped me see the obvious: I like teaching, and most of all, I love teaching Spanish.  Teaching my language was not a foreign experience to me, as during my university years I taught individuals and groups.


As I have spent my life learning English, French, Dutch and German, I understand clearly what a student needs to become proficient in a foreign language: communication, motivation, fun classes, real situations, and relatable vocabulary. Therefore, I am excited to go back to my roots and guide my students to get in touch with my culture through learning Spanish.

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My teaching approach


Is my fuel. I have spent my life learning English, French, Dutch and German, and therefore have a clear understanding of what is needed to become proficient in a foreign language.  


My goal as a teacher is to motivate you to become an active part of your learning process by participating in your own education experience.


Spanish is a part of my identity, my roots and culture. You will get to know my culture through the experience of a native speaker.


I have taught Spanish to individuals as well as to university groups. In Berlin, I got certified as a Spanish teacher by Instituto Cervantes.


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